The Fit Enthusiast Experience

Do you like to keep active and live a healthy lifestyle?

Perhaps you are an athlete or a weekend warrior!

The ACTIVATE Fit Enthusiast Experience is your opportunity to learn new tips and tricks that will allow you to take your fitness to the next level.

The ACTIVATE FitCon has a large line up of incredible presenters sharing knowledge in the areas of strength training, group fitness classes, overall health, nutrition, and much more. This is your opportunity to learn LIVE with some of the top (local and international) leaders in the fitness industry.

The ACTIVATE motivational keynote presentation will inspire you to live a happier, healthier, stronger and fuller life through fitness. Walk away feeling empowered.

The interactive marketplace expo is open for you to shop the latest trends, visit local businesses, receive a fitness assessment (body fat, blood pressure, blood sugar), and much more. 


The Last Year 2017 Schedule

Note: April 2018 Schedule Coming Soon!

Morning Wake Up ZUMBA®! A Master Class with international presenter, Jaime Farfan (no course code)

Start your morning with an invigorating Zumba class with the one and only, Jaime Farfan! See why his classes sell out around the globe!



Is there ever a time that is too early to start working towards healthy aging? The answer is no. In this workshop, we will discuss yoga Tune Up® and The Roll Model Method® techniques to improve posture and mobility and to reduce soft tissue pain in the hopes of supporting higher standards of quality of life through mobility, balance and strength exercises.


MOVEMENT TRAINING FOR REHABILITATION with Rick Boisvert/Human2.0 (course code: 1702)

Movement training is a relatively new concept that emerged within the last decade. During this workshop, Rick will identify various movements and highlight ways to correct faulty movement patterns in order to optimize overall health.


ANTI-INFLAMMATORY FOODS with Teri Gentes (course code: 1703)

What you’re eating may be setting your insides on fire! Overcome chronic challenges with arthritis, bursitis, colitis, gastritis etc… Numerous diseases and health challenges are related to inflammation including obesity, asthma, IBS, diabetes, psoriasis, allergic reactions, dementia, migraines and heart disease. Discover the healing potential of foods with powerful anti-inflammatory properties and prevent, minimize, control and eliminate inflammation with diet and lifestyle changes. Natural nutrition educator, cookbook author, culinary chef and dietary coach Teri Gentes shares some of her favorite anti-inflammatory foods and recipes and offers you a taste tease.


SQUAT AND DEADLIFT VARIATIONS TO MAXIMIZE INTENSITY with Chris Fudge and Maggie Rafferty (course code: 1704)

Two of the most fundamental exercises are the Squat and Deadlift. Join Chris and Maggie, two of Ottawa’s most recognized powerlifters, and Personal Trainers, for a session that will ensure your technique, program design and modifications are done correctly. Learn how to :

-move the bar with the most amount of weight

-move the bar the least amount of distance with the most amount of weight

-move the bar with the lowest rate of injury

-change the emphasis of muscle recruitment

-overload the muscular system without compromising the nervous system

-plus many more

This 90 minute session will leave you with a different variation of each lift to fill an entire year of training.


LTS™: The NEW Cool Tools and Programming for Boot Camps and Group Training with Marc Lebert (course code: 1705)

From the inventor of the EQualizer® and Buddy System™ this session is sure to keep your group fitness, PT and boot camp sessions fresh, fun and challenging incorporating Lebert Fitness System’s latest invention, the New SRT (Spring Resistance Training) Barbell™! Spring into some lifting like you’ve never seen before, increase your EQualizer® IQ and fall in love with your Buddy! All this worked into some dynamic class programming and Personal Training exercise prescription. This workshop has it all!


LOW BACK FUNDAMENTALS with Kevin Darby (course code: 1706)
This workshop is a return to the basics.   Chronic lower back pain generally is the result of the cumulative effect of poor long-term body maintenance.  The body breaks down the same way a car does.  Poor maintenance combined with a delayed response to signs of trouble equals pain.   This seminar focuses on giving trainers straightforward, practical lifestyle strategies that can improve and prevent the development of the conditions correlated with chronic lower back pain. Upon completion of this session the learner will know several spine hygiene techniques that can be used both as a proactive and  treatment strategy  for those who suffer from chronic non-specific lower back pain.


WATT???  The Language of Metrics (Group Cycling) with Kristy Kilcup (course code: 1707)

Power, Cadence, Distance and Time – Oh My!

Participate in a sub-maximal 20 minute fitness test (not so subtly embedded in a 60 minute ride) and understand how to use metrics in your class! Not only that, learn how to speak “metricese” so clients with little experience and understanding can follow along!


X TRAIN EXPRESS with Shelly McDonald (course code: 1708)
If you want to recharge your class or PT sessions, this session will provide you with lots of exercise ideas for all levels of participants. Done in a station to station format, you will learn a variety of exercises on and off varying pieces of equipment such as BOSUs EQ bars Gliders and more! This program is designed for both cardio and muscular endurance and strength training and will vary in intensity to give lots of options.


PERFECTLY PURPOSEFUL POSTNATAL with Sarah Zahab (course code: 1709)
The pressure to return to our pre-pregnancy shapes is high.  Often times we’re seeing new moms rush into exercise, workout intensely, ignore warning signs and perform contra-indicated movements. This could lead to serious issues such as prolapse, pelvic floor dysfunction, diastasis recti, connective tissue damage and more.  A considerable amount of new research has been done in the area of prenatal and postnatal exercise and much has changed over the last few years.  Help guide your postnatal client/participant safely, effectively and functionally.  Learn appropriate exercises to help new mom progress appropriately, increase stability and perfect alignment, posture and breathing mechanics.


PROGRAM DESIGN: COMMON ERRORS with Kevin Darby (course code: 1710)

The focus of this workshop is identifying common program design errors.   Writing programs for general population clients is different and requires a specific skill set.  First and foremost what is the clients capacity and what are the demands of their activities of daily living?  Those who attend this session will walk away with greater clarity regarding  the answers to those questions,  and how that drives exercise selection.

There will be bonus of how to test and program interval training using a Concept II rower.  Attendees will observe, record and walk away with a interval training program that is designed to be used concurrently with resistance training.


POWER TO THE PEDALS (Group Cycling) with Brian Robitaille (course code: 1711)

Use your FTP results from the previous workshop (Watt??? The Language of Metrics) or the 5-min estimate from this session to determine your clients’ Fitness Zones and to plan drills that thrill (and kill) .  Learn how to program a cycle fitness class to achieve a specific fitness objective. Suggested pre-requisite session: Watt??? The Language of Metrics by Kristy Kilcup.  



Come to this combination lecture and active workshop and re-evaluate how to modify your exercise prescription as your clients age, while focusing on the benefits of remaining active.  We will look at how aerobic exercise benefits neurological aging as well as assessing the benefits of strength training for functional mobility and improved cognitive response.  You will learn how to observe and assess the needs of your clients and how to cue to meet their needs and engage them with overwhelming them.


HIP HINGE FUNDAMENTALS with Kevin Darby (course code: 1713)

Bending and squatting are primal movement patterns that are built on the foundation of the hip hinge pattern. Stu McGill one of the premiere authorities on lower back health states the hip hinge is paramount for injury prevention and performance.  In this session you will learn by doing.  At the end of the session you will have the knowledge to apply a system for rebuilding the hip hinge pattern from the ground up. Please join Kevin for this practical, learner focused and interactive session. Upon completion of the Hip Hinge Fundamentals workshop, participants will be able to assess and use a system to rebuild the hip hinge pattern from the ground up. This session is a great follow-up from Low Back Fundamental.


BODY COMPOSITION AND NUTRITION with Hari Ghuman (course code: 1714)

Join Hari, as he shares some important tips in achieving the ultimate body composition, naturally. Learn how hormone imbalances, poor sleep, low energy and impaired cognitive function are all connected to excess body composition.  Hari has coached everyone from sedentary individuals to high performance athletes attain an ideal, healthy body composition (shedding the most stubborn body fat) through nutrition and lifestyle modification.


End of Day YOGA STRETCH with Sonia Sharma (no course code)

This session will provide you with the yin you need to end your day! Relax the body and mind in this short session that can easily be adapted to your daily routine. Breathe, stretch, relax.

Our schedule gets constantly updated so please keep checking up until the event day for the latest Activate Ottawa information:

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